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From small companies looking for traffic to enterprises seeking to expand their business - Traek offers something for everyone.
Features That Optimize Your Sales Funnel
Features in traek are meticulously built to help you lead the user from the awareness stage to finally taking an action
Recognize feature

Recognize Your Anonymous Website Visitors

Get to know everything about the organizations which visited your website - their social media handles, details about their page visits and most importantly the technologies which they are currently using on their own site.
Connect with the organizations that show high purchasing intent.
Create your own filters and define what a quality lead is for your business.
Watch your priority leads and make sure that you do not miss them when they visit your site.
Bots and spam visitors are automatically scrubbed so that you pay only for quality leads.
Dashboard feature

View Everything At Once On The Dashboard

Get the exact number of total leads and average daily leads which your site is attracting for a given time frame. A clear parameter to validate your marketing efforts!
Analyze the demographics and traffic source of your leads which will help you understand your actual target audience.
Get insights into where users are landing from to your website and what content they are reading the most. Leverage this data to craft your marketing campaigns that are more relevant to your target users.
leads feature

Convert Leads Instantly With Real Time Chat

Leverage real-time chat to track the current visitors on your website, find out exactly which page they are currently browsing and which services they are looking for. Get notified instantly. This way you have more opportunities to upsell. No delays means no losses!
Create custom feeds to get timely notifications when your industry/company specific lead comes on your site. Track their activities and start a conversation then and there!
See your chat history to pick up from where you left and maintain the chat records for future discussions.
Boost the Conversion feature

Boost the Conversion of Your Visitors into Leads, Subscribers & Customers With Multi-Format Elements

Unleash the potential of multi-format elements like modals, bars, and sliders to align with your business goals.
Automate your visitors’ email addresses collection to aid in your advanced targeting and marketing plan.
Drive social traffic by pointing your visitors towards the right directions.
Boost traffic to specific parts of your website to enhance sales, conversion, and profitability.
Grab the visitors’ attention through result-driven catchy announcements for discounts, sales, recent offers, add-ons, and more.
Leverage one-click easy implementation through our easy integration and set-up.
Optimize feature

Optimize Your Website Traffic through Our Market-Driven Analytics

Get a detailed insight of how your website visitors interact with your website and take data-driven decisions through our advanced screen recording and tracking solution.
Track crucial site data and visitors data while ensuring 100% compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and others.
Replace conventional data sampling methods with completely accurate data reporting solutions to gain competitive advantages.
assets feature

Assess How Efficient Your Marketing Strategies are through Our Forms Tracking Solution

Assess every form submission without going through much technicalities.
Get a 360 degree view of the performance of your specific marketing campaigns such as lead generation from lead magnets, subscriptions to the discounted services/solutions, sign ups for upcoming webinars, and others over a chosen period of time.
Avail a bird’s eye view of the leads, new customers, returning customers, prospects and others for each of your services/solutions/product forms.
Here’s Why Sales Teams & Marketers Love Traek
And we love them back! Discover how Traek can be an asset for you.
Your ideal customer waiting to be discovered on your website.'s real-time chat and insight data will help you identify and engage your online visitor and convert them to highly qualified leads. Install our script and see it for yourself.
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