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100% accuracy of the data might be a challenge for any system but since our algorithm tries and eliminates unwanted user traffic caused by bots, ISPs etc. we do ensure 98% of the data is up-to-date as well as irreproachable. You can contact us in case of any queries regarding the data displayed.
Other available automation tools would either provide you with little data or the nature of it would be such that it won’t do the needful. Our Traek will not only capitalize on information that isn’t touched by these automation tools but the usability would be far better. Data provided by us will allow our users to draw inferences that will eventually help them in hitting the networking and expansion requirements.
Out of the total traffic generated towards your website, our system filters and narrows down the list. That list contains unique company names, situated in some unique location in a country. This is what you call your lead.
In case you want not to include someone as your lead whom you might know, maybe a supplier visiting the website regularly for procuring information, then hiding is an available option.

However, we do not provide an in built ranking option primarily because it depends upon industry to industry and business to business use of any particular lead but at an individual level one can do so by adding custom queues.
Without a doubt! We comply with all the GDPR requirements GDPR and one can easily state the use of ‘traek’ in areas where you mention using google analytics and similar systems.
We ensure to release only those information of our leads that is available without tampering with their personal data and we do take the case of our GDPR requirements as well.
We do provide our clients with a basic and a minimum trial pack. You can check the pricing section for more details.
Traek provides a fully customizable and advanced chatting feature with its services. You can chat in realtime with all types of users available on your website. You can see previous chats, send emojis, pictures, and see the navigation of your visitor to assist users in the best way possible.
Traek provides a "watch" feature to get alerts of revisits from your favorite or listed client. You can hop on a chat and start communication. You can enable/disable watch on any user from the leads section.
Talking to the customer is an art with no specific method or way. However, you can get responses over chat by using the realtime insights that Traek provides and by referring to previous conversations of the user with your team. Traek provides insights like company details, social media links, navigation history, previous chats, device, location, browser, frequency, and many other user details. Your first impression will determine the possibility of communication. If you are sending a robotic response, you would not be able to take the user's attention. Always aim to send a personal message using insights.
Archiving leads will remove the unwanted leads from your leads section so that you can only see the valuable data on your dashboard. You can still review, and un-archive leads in the archive section at any time in the future. Archive leads will not affect your lead quota.
Traek offers "Custom Feeds," which allows users to save a combination of filters to get the desired result and get notified about the leads under your filters. You can edit your custom filters at any point in time.
Ad-Blocker blocks any type of external script, ads and popups on your website to make sure that your focus stays on the website. If your Ad-Blocker is turned on then traek.io will not detect your data and it will not show up in realtime or leads section of traek.
A customer success manager is a personal guide that helps a client to achieve their goals by assisting them through their journey with the product. He or she deals with all sorts of short term as well as long term problems, and provide the best solution possible to the client. CSM of Traek will help you understand Traek and utilize it in the best way possible.