Understanding Leads!!

Update date : 12 Dec 2022 | 1 Min Read

Step-1: Open the Lead Section after logging into your account:

—> From the First View, you can see details like the number of leads, name of leads, country, which pages they visited previously, how many visits they have made, and how much time they have spent.

Step 2: Click on a lead and it will show you details of that lead’s all visits to your website

Step-3: Click on the Technologies Option

This is will help you to understand what technologies your leads are using and that information can be vital for your marketing team in many aspects such as
—> When pitching for tech services, lead’s technological awareness can be measured

—> Lead’s spending on technologies can be monitored in some aspects

—> It also helps in assigning the lead to a specific person from your team when different people are working on different projects.

—> It helps the marketing team to prepare their pitches before going to the customer for the initial conversation

Step-4: Add a tag or assign the lead to a specific user by clicking on the “...” in the above section

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