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Update date : 12 Dec 2022 | 2 Min Read

Guide to use filters in order to generate customized reports

Step-1: Open the dashboard and after going to the lead tab, click on the button named Filters

Step 2: By Clicking on the Filter Button, you will see a pop-up menu giving you options to filter your leads by the options listed below:

Company: You can use this filter to assign different teams working on different companies.

  • Country: If you’ve different sales teams working on different shift times, they can easily generate the CSV files after applying filters and start working on their assigned leads.
  • Assignee: For leads already assigned to a specific team member, one/manager can download the report to analyze/discuss progress.

Pages: This can be used when specific marketing campaigns are being executed and the performances of those specific pages need to be analyzed

Sources: This filter is used to target leads that came from specific sources/marketing channel like google, LinkedIn, Traek etc.

  • Date Range: You can download, last week or last month or last quarter leads using this feature.

Technologies: If your team wants to target companies using specific technologies, they can use this filter.

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