Data, data, everywhere, but no precise tool to track? It's great to have all the data and insights, but it's useless without a proper tracking tool. Traek is the answer to identifying all your visitors, track their browsing behavior, and connecting them on a real-time basis. While all other tools in the market allow you to track and connect, Traek enables connecting with a visitor who is currently on your website. It makes identifying their requirements easier, assigning them to the appropriate member of the sales team, and closing deals instantly.

Your next deal is now just a chat away! Discover all other features and generate leads faster with Traek.


Close Deals on Real-time Basis

Track the current visitors on your site and which services they are looking for with our Real-time feature. Contact them instantly and assign your sales team member right away. Don’t let a lead get cold.


Identify Exact Service for Leads

Traek dashboard gives you a vital piece of information about your leads by showing up which page are they on. This gives you ample idea of which service they want to buy.


Add Multiple Websites and Users

You can easily add multiple properties on Traek, to keep track of all the visitors. Additionally, you can also add more users, which makes managing the leads a streamlined process.


Find Company’s Contact Details

Even if a company is visiting your website, it doesn’t guarantee they will contact you. Take the initiative and identify all the important information like the company’s name, addresses, and phone numbers and contact them.


Get Visiting Details

Traek allows you to see exactly what your visitors are viewing on your website. You can now discover how they came to your website, their visiting span, and which other pages they visited.


Social Media Profiles

Stay connected with the key people and decision makers of your website visitors through their company social media profile information.


Customize your Leads

Stay connected with the key people and decision makers of your website visitors through their company social media profile information.


Search Bar

Have a lot of leads on your list and want to search for a specific one? Just type in the name of the company you want to get information for in the search bar.


Hide Leads

There would be instances when you would come across a visitor you wouldn’t consider as a potential lead. You can easily select them and hide them from your account, and they wouldn’t show up again.


Export Lead Information

Your leads generated on Traek aren’t only for using on Traek only. You can easily export the information about your leads to a safe place, and put your best foot forward for building business with them.


Email Notifications

You can share interesting potential leads with any user by simply sending it through an email. Adding multiple users will make this process even easier as you can schedule which user should get a specific lead.


Archive your Leads

When you are done interacting with a lead, and it is no longer a potential prospect or beneficial for you, you can simply archive them for later. You won’t lose any information and history of that lead. You can unarchive it when you want.


Add Specific Filters

It's possible that you would see visitors from different locations and even countries. If your target base is for a specific country, you can simply set a filter for it. Moreover, you can also set a filter for viewing the leads only for specific website pages you want to see.


Assign Leads Automatically

Save your time by manually assigning a lead to a specific user. You can easily assign them automatically based on the location and service.

Notify about New Leads

Traek wants to make sure you never stay behind if a new visitor comes and visit your site. Hence, we make sure we notify you by sending you emails about each new lead. You can decide the frequency on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Full-time Assistance

You're here because you want to track who visits your website. That's great! It can be tough to learn to use a new software, which is why our support staff is always here to help. We will work with you to set up your account, take care of any issues that arise, and answer any questions you may have. We are here for you!

Easy Setup

Tracking your website's performance has never been easier! Simply add our script generated from your setup in the header of your site, and you'll start seeing data immediately. Our software is easy to install and takes just under a minute to get yourself around.

Privacy Compliant

Traek is committed to upholding the strictest privacy standards and ensuring that our contact information is publicly sourced. Contacting us as a prospecting source ensures your organization's compliance with privacy laws.

Why Marketers Turn to Us to Become 100% Data Driven

“We provide marketing solutions for various industries. Its important for us to understand who is visiting our website and what kind of services they are looking for. The clean and detailed overview of who visits the website is certainly the best thing about Traek. The possibility to export and download lead information is also very nice. The best feature is the real time chat. It helped us to increase our conversion by almost 50%. Highly recommended tool for small and emerging B2B businesses.”


Tejas Nair

Creative Director, Eight Petals Creative Solution