How to use Traek with Shopify

Ujjwal Sikriwal
Ujjwal Sikriwal

22 Feb 2022 | 1 Min Read

Let's help you connect your Shopify website with

  1. The first step for you would be obtain a script which you can post on your website's backend. While completing your signup, you will be asked to enter your website url. Please enter your website's name and Url to continue.

    If you are already using Traek with an existing website(property), please add a new property from top right side on your dashboard.

2. After entering the website Url, please proceed to the next steps till you get a script to paste on your website. Copy this script to clipboard.

Once you have completed the signup process, please follow these steps-

1. Login to your admin panel and look for "Online Store" under "Sales Channels".

2. Click on "Actions" and "Edit Code" in the theme section.

3. Open "theme.liquid" and find the function or search for "</head>".

4. Paste the tracking script provided to you while signup just before closing the head function.