8 B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work


5 May 2022 | 5 Min Read

Getting a constant influx of high-quality leads is no easy feat. But what if it did? Let’s discuss some supersonic strategies to up your B2B lead generation game.

B2B lead generation has changed significantly in the last decade. With the rise of social media and the need to appear personal and genuine, the tactics used to generate leads have changed drastically.

Many of the lead generation practices that worked a decade ago simply won't work today and many businesses are finding it difficult to generate leads.

That's why we put together this comprehensive guide covering the most effective B2B lead generation tactics B2B to supercharge your sales. With that said, let's get straight to it.

1. Capture their attention with pop-up ads

The internet is a plethora of options in regard to web design as well as web development. So, why not select from one of these good alternatives that incorporate a pop-up ad generator?

These types of advertisements can provide an opportunity for your audience to see what you have to offer first-hand.

This ad type can also be used to document further information about your product or service which will ultimately provoke them into viewing it and possibly prompting them to purchase if they are in fact interested.

2. Try a different take on promotions

For example - recommend others' websites and promote the content of partners and people you've worked within the past. Give away free content if visitors sign up to your newsletter or like your Facebook page - this works especially well if you're just getting started but have some great stuff you want people to look at.

Another good example is that of creating strategic backlinks. Instead of asking a blogger to write about your product, why not ask that blogger if they would be willing to cover your service or product but in a more extensive way than just a one-sentence mention in one piece or their site.

This strategy has been proven time and again as it expands your reach while helping promote a blogger's work - creating mutual backlinks between both parties' websites.

3. Another take on fetching customer contact details

Speaking of new trends in B2B lead generation strategies, this one is worth noting.

Let’s take for example one of your most loved products that might be out of stock yet still very much in demand. Instead of letting your loyal customer base go back empty hand, add a form on your page giving the customer an option to receive an email once the item is back in stock.

Here’s another example - There might be some customers out there that are interested in making a purchase but don't have all of the money available at the moment. It would be a great idea to offer a subscription option so that customers wouldn't miss out on their chance to purchase from you.

Use Traek to supercharge your B2B sales

Smart tracking tools like Traek can prove to be indispensable for your sales team.

But how? They help acquire high-quality leads thereby simplifying the dreaded B2B lead generation.

Intelligent sales tools like Traek identify anonymous visitors coming to your website and provide critical information about the companies that visited the location they came from, and the pages they interacted with.

Tools like Traek are a major breakthrough or more like a stepping stone to filling your sales pipeline with quality leads.  

4. Focus on long-tail keywords while your competitors run to outperform each other for top ranks

B2B companies often neglect longtail keywords because they're not as competitive and bring in conversions at a lower frequency than broader keyword phrases.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't worth your time - quite the opposite! Longtail keywords have incredibly high conversion rates; typically more than triple that of top branded landing pages.

So while your competitors might be focusing on broad keyword phrases which instill high competition, you should focus on targeting longtail keywords because they'll give you the biggest bang for your buck!

5. Offer free trials and product demos

This is another great way to get things moving. Give your leads an option to try out your product and experience it firsthand before they are ready to take the plunge.

There’s a lot of talk about how a company’s product or service can change its customers’ lives but less of real-life examples. It’s best you let your product do the talking.

This is a solid strategy that we use here at Traek where we offer a 30-day trial to our customers and have seemed to benefit from it rather greatly. And what’s to lose? If your offering is actually as great as you claim it to be, it will stand the test of trials. The result? A number of people sign up and convert into paid users.

The best part? There’s no credit card required. All that is needed is 30 seconds of their time to enter their password, email address, and voila! They’re good to go! Trust us, this friends with benefits free trial approach works extremely well when you’re looking to close some deals.

6. Run A/B test campaigns on different pages

Let’s say you integrate Traek with your website and start noticing which key pages your leads are interacting with. After studying patterns, you notice there is scope for improvement, scope to create epic lead-generating content, and scope to reduce website bounce rate.

You won’t believe how simple but important tweaks to your website pages can boost conversions and spice up your sales like never before.

7. Quora to the rescue

Content is a fantastic way to generate more B2B leads, but one of the most difficult things that B2B marketers face is actually getting their content in front of prospective buyers and answering questions they have.

It’s no secret, that social media newsfeeds are filled with all sorts of updates from all kinds of different companies. Thus it can be difficult to get your prospect's attention, especially if they don’t know you yet.

Quora solves these problems by providing a simple marketplace for users. By using Quora to build brand awareness for your company, you can easily generate organic search results for your website.

Image Credit: Quora

What we love about this lead generation strategy is how easy it is. Find your buyers on Quora, and answer their questions with the link back to your original content. It's not always easy for businesses to find qualified leads so this simple solution comes at a good time.

Traek Can Help Improve Your B2B Sales Leads

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With Traek, you can grow your list, educate your community and build on opportunities to do business as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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