11 Highly Successful Ways to Get Traffic to a New Website

Krunal Shah
Krunal Shah

20 Jan 2022 | 7 Min Read

Analytics is an essential part of any online business. It provides valuable data that enable marketers to understand their successes and failures -- maybe even predict the future. Despite their crucial role in online marketing, marketers can often neglect the art of reporting in analytics. Analytics isn't easy; it takes time, effort, and money. The best analytics and website tracking usually center around your funnel. Hence, it also paves the way to identifying the metrics you should track and the decisions you should be making. Your site goals should include:

  • What do you want your site to be?
  • What is converting for you?
  • How can you do that?
  • What does your site need to do?

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Branding and tracking are at the center of marketing. When you're a marketer, you can't do it without knowing the people who care about your brand: customers. By tracking data over time with analytics, you can chart your company's growth and learn how to use marketing wisely. If you're not tracking metrics, you're likely missing out on insight into your brand. If you're not doing it consistently and cohesively, you may discourage your entire team from doing it, and the rest of your efforts will fail.

Powerful Ways to Create Successful Campaigns and Increase Website Traffic

When we think about traffic, we imagine people moving from place to place. We think of people moving from one location to another. Every time someone arrives at your website, you want to improve how they interact with that content and better understand their behavior. Hence, you're looking for paths people walk. If you know where your users go off the trail, they initially clicked, or whether their following action is direct or subconscious, you know what changes to make.

Below are eleven successful ways to increase website traffic, both for the short and long haul. How you approach analytics will make all the difference.

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Be More Choosy with Keywords

When you're first setting up the website, start with a simple strategy--don't stock your page with dozens of keywords. If you've only got 3 or 4 relevant keywords to cover, it'll be tempting to create too much content, driving people away from consuming your message.

With Traek you can start by sorting your keywords into broad categories, only adding keywords that your audience will potentially be interested in.

Social media allows you to promote pieces (or entire lists) of content. It not only increases clicks and drives people to your site in the process, but it can be lucrative for link building too. Even better, it allows you to communicate your opinions to an audience that isn't your standard prospecting pool. Instead of publishing an article every time you see a new status update, review your most popular posts by topic, and see if you can combine those top posts into one high-quality, guide-worthy piece.

Use Schema.org

Schema.org is still one of the most under-utilized markup strategies out there. The keywords, often left for dead, can confuse many site owners about why they should bother. Brett Tabke, a social media consultant, based in Australia, says the power of schema lies in how much it empowers the creator of the markup to add a layer of flexibility to their online content.

But Schema.org is alive and kicking, and it's quickly becoming the go-to tool for anybody creating rich snippets, rich cards, or any type of rich data markup.

Outreach Targeting for Faster site responses

Time-Skip helps you understand how customers spent their time on your site through shorter, more granular time segments. If you're trying to assess how to improve the speed of your site, it's incredibly valuable to grasp the way customers engage with your site. By setting up a custom timeframe for specific actions, you can see how people view your site or read the content. For example, clicking a link or visiting a page, or reading non-essential product data.

Automate Interactions with the Sales team and Potential Customers

If you're managing SEO for an e-commerce site, your clients need reminders about the importance of building links and evergreen content. If you're in-house, your boss has constant push-back about how SEO isn't their department. Being confused and lacking a defined set of SEO best practices makes your e-commerce site look unsightly to visitors and decreases conversions.

Instead, take a salesperson interaction and turn it into automation. Salespeople receive a packet of best practices that they never read because they don't look at the website. You're in charge of something bigger than you, and you need to help your customer, not hinder them.

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Content Marketing through blog

A blog about your products or service might be the easiest to implement. With a blog, you can focus on writing unique content, engaging your readers, and sharing material that has a repeatable effect. Blogs are easy to update and provide people with a memorable experience.

Knowing when the time is right to start marketing is tough, no matter what road you take to find it. Businesses that try to avoid putting content marketing efforts on hold and wait for the perfect moment to distribute content will inevitably come up empty. Rather than following the standard path of trying to strike it rich with content marketing, identify a gap in your audience's current awareness of a specific topic, and create content exclusively for that audience.


People love to collect data. If you can give them just the data they want, they'll happily pay you to improve their metrics. Setting geolocations enables you to make your data collection even more efficient. You can segment according to countries and then use this tag to define how actions flow from country to country. This can also be useful to quickly see who is performing better in testing a campaign or tracking a specific page.

Action Tracking to See How Visitors are Catching your Business

You can make sure that when people engage with a specific call-to-action, the traffic to your site goes up! Using a call-to-action event in Analytics, you can disturb a visitor and collect insightful data on how fast the response time is, the conversions created by that button, and which actions visitors are most likely to take.

Just like how Traek helps keep a tab on the active visitors on your website and reach out to them instantly. It’s intelligent technology, and smart tracking features convert the idea of tracking your leads on a real-time basis into a reality.

Single-Page Websites for SERPs

Increasing site rank is critical for establishing any business. SEO still loves single-page websites (SPDs), especially for local SEO. Having a single page allows your company to be found by one person. With each different landing page targeting a different persona, SPDs can increase your SERP dominance. They can help increase clicks, lead to excellent SERP features, and place your business in front of people who might otherwise ignore your website.

Topic-focused Landing Pages

SEO loves topic-focused landing pages, but one of the most effective ways to ship high-quality traffic is to target specific features to your market. These can be more informative and comprehensive and more likely lead to customers with a higher engagement rate. A landing page tailored for reviews, events, guides, and trend information can rank highly for individual keywords. Also, if you are serving small businesses, try to include features relevant to that market. These could be flyers and coupons to encourage customers to delve deeper into your website.

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Design and Functionality of Webpages

Poor landing design kills conversions. Customers tend to abandon a purchase because of a poor, confusing design. Do a little head-smacking science to figure out what makes a good landing page. Customers need to trust that their information is secure before committing to a purchase, and a simplified checkout process in place with a straightforward design. Don't build from the ground up; choose SEO-friendly CMS options for e-commerce sites.

The Bottom Line

Website visitor tracking forms an essential part of analytics, focusing on building a digital highway connecting your various marketing efforts. Your website could be split into different activities such as content and paid search. There could be calls to action based on different types of content. There could be landing page tests to determine which type of pages convert best. You can build different types of campaigns and track them in separate systems to know how to improve those campaigns. Or you could create reports that analyze data over time and compare the performance of different types of pages and campaigns.

Traek is a website visitor tracking that assists in creating robust marketing campaigns by analyzing various aspects. These include page views, visit duration, page hopping, visitor identities, company, and social profiles. Through a real-time chat with the current visitors, Traek makes closing deals easier by solving a pain point right at the time when it is most needed.